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Reviews for "Mex"

very nice start

this game has much potential, so if you follow these reviews yo ucan make this a great game. just liek the other reviews, try to have more bots maybe 5 at the same time? try to make diffrent type of attacks, i noticed one can attack all sides at once, which is good, but im thinking like maybe a cross shape of damage, im thinking more along the lines of tactics online type stuff, (search google for that, for i cannot show websites) but try some splash damage, maybe a healer, a but system, this has a lot of potential if you put the time and effort into it


That was just brilliant, maybe some music, other than than. Great Job!

Wow, Where did the time go!

Whahaha I just played that game for like 2 hours. :P And I have exames tomorrow. REally nice gameplay I enjoyed playing it. Maybe you should increse the Hard leven. It was to easy. :P and after awhile I just used the same stratigy over and over and it always works. It got boring. Maybe making a cool intro to add to the spiriet. and some background music. That's what this game needs. :) Thanks for submitting! :) Loved it.

the last guy who reviewed was a fucking retard

that game was fucking AWESOME!!! but umm you might wanna fix a glitch i found...when a character is trapped in a corner and you press move and select a box out on the open the game locks up and you cant do anything :( but you should make MORE levels too


just like a much cooler chess :P