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Reviews for "Mex"

that was fun :>

it was a really fun game. but! you need (a) more room (b) you need to be able to choose new guys and (c) more choices in the atacks but it was very fun

Damn i lost!

That was good.

looks like it could be a really gerat game,

but... you gotta fix it up. first off, the first time i played i died and nothing happened. i hit play and got confused so started again. now that you win it just goes to some menu, kinda startling. i think you could have like a story, or a start or something, just a page like, you are a mech commander, blah. and then congrats youve won! something like that. also, things should say how much energy they take, and also im confused about like blocking and wait, do you get equal energy for eacH? do you have a turn quicker if you chose to wait? basically, you need some battle instructions. also, with the two range units there isnt much difference. for some reason the seismic does dammage to two squares, you should highlight to show the two it;ll do, but i found it useless to try and ge the comp to go into an arangement to allow for those too little squares, took to much effort and they could hit you. also, i llove the game engine, just like give it a point. really, you can level em up a billion times but if thats all you do you cant expect to keep interest.


two thumbs up my brotha!!!1

Can u say front page?

I hope you can!