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Reviews for "Mex"

Heres a few things that i would like to see

Well i played this game for a long time, about 45 mins to be exact and i noticed a few things:
First the fighting is very repetitive and the ai is stupid. I found my self being able to make the same moves every game and winning every time. Also, the game freezes if your guy is stuck in a corner by other bots while trying to move.
Try different terrain every level. After about the 5th or 6th level the terrain stopped changing which kinda made me mad. Have them cycle or something at least.
Lastly, make some more bots. I think I might enjoy it more if i got to select from a few at the beginning... although that might mean some more work for you. Anyways, I enjoyed this game. It must have been decent to keep me occupied for as long as it did. Good job and i hope you get a good score.

Nice Game

This game is pretty good, but it didn't have any music though.

very nice

i always like these types of game, very nice lol

great job

the game was great, good idea, great graphics and well done. Except I'd have to agree with "AmanOfaManofAman", the game could use some music in it. That's my only critisism.

everything was great except.

the music. put fuckin music in next time. i dont care what the fuck kinda music it is. it coulda be classical for all i care. it just bores the fuck outa me after you play for a while. make it harder too. have them upgrade along with you.