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Reviews for "Mex"


Hey nice game but can you add a save button


Way to much like tactics core

Just like tatics core.

It's a sweet game. I like it. It's like the tatics core game, but it's alright. Nice Job.

that was great

id love to see the finished thing i cant wait. i hope theres a way to save your progress on the finished game

awe shit yeah

this is a seriously hot number. I predict front page for a few days if not weeks.
You could totally make a really cool movie about those mechs and whatever this war is. You ought to have different mechs for the enemies instead of the exact same ones as the player's. Get a writer to do a back story and have some characters to be the pilots or drivers or whatever. How about a more expansive and interactive or at least animated terrain. Perhaps land mines or little tiny soldiers. Maybe some tanks or planes.
excellent game visually and super addictive. was their supposed to be an ending?