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Reviews for "Mex"

A Great Start

I love tactical combat games. This is a great start. You should add the ability to save games, maybe add some music, and whatever you do, keep working on it.

dood....tooo addicting but...

THAT WAS KICK ASS...so ya keep'em comeing


That was pretty fun, you should make it so u can buy more guys and abilities. And different types of abilities cuz just having abilities that just do damage; it gets boring. Also if there were a point to it. A goal that you're trying to reach or something.

THis is really cool

Its not impossible to beat. I got to about lvl 50 then i quit. Beating the first lvl was really hard to me like 4 tries but after that you can upgrade you mexs. By the time i quit just 1 of my mexs could take out all three enemy mexs (the yellow with metal stinger thing is the best) with out takin more than 100 damage. It is a pretty fun game but it could use some more lvls more difficulty later in the game more mechs and maybe other attacks you can earn or by.
P>S> I was wondering if you were going to do any of the above, if yes let me know plz.


The only reason im giving this a low score is because it is 100% impossible.