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Reviews for "Mex"

Pretty Good, but...

lack of a save feature caused problems....you should be able to buy new "mex" later in the game..... i mean once u get all 3 of ur "mex" to 100 weapon effecient and 95 generator effecient, theres not much to do

i usually

hate those games but yours was good. i would give 10 but it dont compare to some things like fallen angle no offense but it dont my stuff dont either

nice but gets boring soon

it good very good but it gets boring fast...nd its takes a long time to win so yah try to make it shorter by having new updates

the last guy who reviewed was a fucking retard

that game was fucking AWESOME!!! but umm you might wanna fix a glitch i found...when a character is trapped in a corner and you press move and select a box out on the open the game locks up and you cant do anything :( but you should make MORE levels too


Wonderful; Suggested Refinements...

1. I get bored when I'm not clicking...
a) Can you keep the animation without having me wait for it, a fraction of a second counts.
b) I would like to pass my mouse over units, while animations are going on and get the info pop up, especially during an attack.
c) “undo” could be renamed to “cancel” because no action has taken place.

2. Animation ideas,
a) Can you change animation of the team color circle under the walkers to sway with their steps rather then simply move in a straight line?
b) It would be nice to show grids in areas that I can not walk to this would help me line up my shot.
c) Seeing the area of effect of area weapons.
d) idle units could have an animation: idle1/idle2/idle3

3. Our position strategies are limited.
a) Provide a hit bonus for sitting of a turn to set up the line of fire?
b) Provide a high ground bonus, say 10% for each 10 feet of elevation we climb up.
c) Can a unit take a mobile posture and sacrifice 10% hit and gain 10% for defense?
d) Can a unit take x turns out and add x% for each turn sat out to its hit chance/damage amount
e) Units could get an accuracy decrease for moving that turn, or if the opposing unit is quite slow or predictable there would be none.

4. Not all upgrades have to be with weapons hardware…
a) A software upgrade for random movement provides a chance the opposing unit will miss completely.
b) Repair components?

4. More information for choices
a) Can we get an energy bonus for sitting a turn, and do nothing.

5. Team strategy limited
a) Units get am attack bonus? 2-on-1 is 50%, 3-on-1 75%, after that there would be no bonus. (on carpenter takes a long time to build a house, two are much better, 1000 is a waste)
b) There only no line of sight weapons. Is it feasible to allow me to design a heavy defense unit, hide another lightly armor behind it and shoot indirect fire.
c) Can we have orbital weapons? Imagine if only one of the units had an up-link? A single shot destroying it would cancel out any advantage the opposing player had, they spent too money on weapons and not enough on communications.
d) What about communication bonus, If two units are in strong communication that provides 100% combat bonus. The opposing player then shoots an EMP and that advantage is gone. That player having spent all their money on dumb weapons is not effected to the same degree.
e) Can a unit give defensive support to another unit?

6) Unit design options
a) Does it cost prohibitively more to have a unit that is both highly armored and highly weaponed?
b) Mobility or armor?
c) Ground or air? Tunneling?
d) Rather then having a unit simply block what if it dug in, EMP can’t penetrate 18” of granite or ?” of soil.

7) Movement/Attack position issues:
a) There could be areas of control/lines of fire, for example my unit cannot walk between two units because that would be suicide.
b) Can we get a hit bonus for getting around behind an enemy? This would require setting up crossing lines of defense fire. And that a defensive strategy set up previously (lines of fire, two units taking a turn to “link” together) would affect the current turn's movement. Perhaps stealth or speed

8. Damage,
a) A unit can loose mobility, or loose a weapon. The destruction does not have to be 100% at one time.

9. Unit design, not all units need to be combat..
a) Repair units
b) Mine layer
c) Bridge builder
d) Hawkeye

The scores are low because I judged you on Electronic Arts/Alien hominid standards not freeware or shareware.

Wonderful job