Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

Awesome Flash

I don't know why you put Gepetto (spelled right?). But this is just an awesome flash. Good job.

just2pale responds:

thanks.. puppets and gepetto ,, just seemed right for some reason!! lol


Very nice and stylish , and the music fits nicely , hopefully there will be a 'The ToyMaker 2' or something , the ending isnt really that satisfying. But it still is awesome , 5 all the way.

Kick ass!

Great work with the action and comedy!

i liked it...

lots of sading and backrounds... the one thing that got me is that at the end... it says re-play... lol im not kidding your suppost to put down re-pale =)


i remember seeing this when i was like 7 and freeked out. i just saw it now, 15, and i laugh at it, nonetheless very nice flash