Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

I love the intro.

Very nice storyline, a good twist. I.. take it the toymaker got set up? Anyway another flash with the toys in it would be very cool. 5 of 5 from me.

pretty decent

i didn't quite get what happened at the end, other wise good job. and you might want to add in voices, sometimes its' good to keep it jsut music, but you'll find that it would clarify a lot of your story if you put some voices in


the music was probably the best part of the movie... but the idea of thepuppet master was really cool..i remember all those movies...you should make a sequel.

Part 2! Part 2!

Make Part 2!!!!!even if u read this or not but if u are stop wasting time and make Part 2!!!

sequel please

this just begs to have a sequel. it was realy good