Reviews for "The ToyMaker"


Wow..That flash was truly amazing
the music sounded like it was either from legend of dragoon or final fantasy it was great keep up the great work!


Bloody Brilliant

I have to say man that was the wierdest and most entertaining animation i have seen on newgrounds, (excepting maybe the madness). FO shizzle this deserves the full five votes! ANd i don't do this often

Dude, your stuff is awesome

Final Fantasy music! Nice choice too... soundedl ike a re-done version though.. ANYWAY that was awesome


the music was probably the best part of the movie... but the idea of thepuppet master was really cool..i remember all those movies...you should make a sequel.

i liked it

I didnt like it as much as the others but wasnt that a movie or something well any way keep up the good work.