Reviews for "The ToyMaker"


That was FF7 battle music from the mako lake area that collapsed, and few other dramatic scenes......or so i'm told.......heh-heh....I dont really know that game that well.......I swear......anyway. It woulda been better if you had come up with original puppets, but it was still good work.

Nice Remake

Haha nice i remember those movies back in the day... cept it was called Puppetmaster not Toymaker =). Those movies freaked me out as a kid.

Search for Puppet Master at IMDB (Internet movie database) and youll see what i mean... freaky...

You left out the guy with a drill for a head though.


That's one of the freakist things I've ever seen!


that has got to be the best one that ive ever seen. MAKE A SEQUIL!


This was ok but not the best one of just2pale still i liked the bit where the puppet slaughterd dat man.!