Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

This one's going to do well

I don't see what Disney character helped inspire that except maybe Gepetto (Pinnoicio's maker)
Very well done flash! This WILL survive the vote


i loved the plot of the little puppets killing the guy, but why didn't you add any voices?? there are plemty of voice actors out there. but i guess it was good without voices. i think they should have slayed the cop too. a very good flash. good work


Very funny to me

But why was their pinicio in here they have nothing to do with the puppet master

just2pale responds:

ohh yee of little imagination

I like puppet master...

You ruined it. Bad drawings and tons of tweens. Considering you probably traced everyone you couldve done better.

just2pale responds:

sorry pal i drew all that,,

its not to bad

i have seen alot worse

just2pale responds:

thanks ... i think