Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

I loved it :D

That there was some of the best use of Audio Portal music I've ever seen. So kudos to that.

As for the movie, pure awesomeness. That dude with the hooks for hands is so cool looking? And that scene where he cuts his own strings of is very sweet.

Orginial, with great music and animation makes this an instant hit in my book. Great job :) I shall add you to my fav authors list due to this movie.

Awesome Idea!

Great job on your flash movie, It was very cool how you used Jappeto (or however his name is spelt) to be the creator of those killer puppets used in The Puppet Master movies, I liked how you made Jappeto, an innocent toy maker that created Pinnochio in Disney films, look corrupt and evil for having him create the killer puppets.

My favorite evil puppet that you used on here, was the one wearing the shady hat and trenchcoat, it specializes in using stabbing and piercing weapons, such as a replacable hook hand, knives, etc., I've always liked that certain one whenever I watched the Puppet Master movies.

The music score kicked ass, you used the perfect musical to open the movie, when the camera view rushed through woods, outskirts of the village, and into the village, and whenever things got desperate, it was pretty cool how you used the Final Fantasy VII battle music theme, also, the ending theme music was cool, it made me actually watch the ending credits.

It was very cool and creative how you mixed characters from two totally different realms, evil horror characters from Full Moon, and innocent characters from Disney, awesome idea.

There was only one problem that I noticed, when that evil fat guy grabbed Jappeto the sound stopped for about 3 to 4 seconds, and then resumed once again after Jappeto hit the ground, you should fix that, but the rest of the show was great.

In my opinion, if you fix that one little error, I'd say this flash movie deserves front page on New Grounds!

The Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta

just2pale responds:

wow thanks for the review,, i see your point on the audio,,but there was never sound there,, so that is why. as for the rest the music was all from the audio portal. Blade is the puppets name, with the hooks. he is by far the best puppet.

Holy Christwagons!

I like that the music was from the audio portal. Very well chosen. Animation was nice, and the story was a good one.

Can't wait to see more of your stuff!


It's great, best thing I've seen in a while. Keep it up!

just2pale responds:

thanks i will

Awesome Flash

I don't know why you put Gepetto (spelled right?). But this is just an awesome flash. Good job.

just2pale responds:

thanks.. puppets and gepetto ,, just seemed right for some reason!! lol