Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

pretty good overall

it's a unique pairing, i'd of never thought to put the two together. the animation was pretty good, and your drawings are done well also. the only thing i think you could do to really help out the look would be to use less line, and concentrate more on using shape. it's obvious you already are, and the places where you've done that the most work really nice visually. but there are certain places where you've used really weak lines, or outlines on things that look sloppy. if you use color and shape right, the lines wouldn't even be necessary. i don't think you need to change your style, just further what you laready have. also, the begining was a bit long (you should group all the credits together if you're the only name) but that doesn't really bother me as much. other than that, i liked it and think you're pretty well above the average compared to most things here.


u know that was FREAKIN AWESOME. it reminds me of my child hood of killin people and putting them in the sewers!


Good Job! This was one of the best flashes I have seen in a long time!

lol... and so on

lol makes me think about when i was 7 and thought puppets would attack me! Over all a liked this movie because of the sound and portal music. :)


Great, I like it, wonder if it will be made into episodes.

just2pale responds:

who knows, but glad you enjoyed