Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

Great job!

I thought this was a really great animation, with a great drawing style. The only thing that didn't work was using the Final Fantasy 7 battle theme for the music... I don't know if you were aware of that, but it kinda seemed out of place in your film. If only because you associate it with the game, and your film is completly different. But good job anyway!

YOU!Your good you!

DUDE!You used "Puppet Master"puppets!!!I'm a big fan of the series.That's the first time i've seen them in a flash before.You should've used TOURH , Tunneler , and Six Shooter.The music could have been better and it felt short in some way.Jester is my fave so that was awsome.Amazing flash,and I hope you start a mini-series.Thanks.

pretty nice

It was a well made flash, although the story was kinda wierd..
But it was mad when that little toy with the knife cut the guys thumb


i absolutly loved this vidio clip and hope it stays oon forever for more and more people to see. intro was done in a good style could be shortend but nonetheless excellent


That was really nice, I liked the story line, I could have never thought that would happen. I do think that you have gone a bit overboard with the lines, and it was a rather large file for time. Overall a good animation, please make more, I like your style.