Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

Quite Bleh

I found it quite boring and pointless.

Your introduction was not smooth at all and made the movie longer, but bored me. By the time the film had actually come i had already subconciously decided that i was not going to enjoy it. You have to capture the viewers interest in the first few seconds.

The killing and blood etc was a bit much for a story based on Disney charcters. As well as, a bunch of toys killing people is a little cliche and dull nowadays.

Some of the audio was very good, while others did not even go with the film. Your audio choice, overall, was good until the end.

Was i s'posed to laugh? I am not sure if you attempted to be scary or funny. Either way, you failed.

I am not trying to be a hard ass, its just that a movie without a storyline and without anything really eye capturing is really just a boring 'bleh' movie.

You need a better writer to capture the viewers interest, build suspense and then give a proper more exhilerating ending (if you were going for fear). If it was comedy you were shooting for, i would try doing something else.

Good luck, you graphics were quite good and you have obvious talent. However, you have alot of room to grow also. Which can be good.

NG Critic Rating
Introduction: 6.1
Impression: 5.9
Style(Graphics): 8.9
Movement: 7.1
Audio: 8.9
Violance: 7.4
Originality: 7.4
Storyline: 5.9
Personal Enjoyment: 6.9

Overall: 7.4
Rating: 4

K. Myst Williams

GOd the sound was awsome

Over all the flash was pretty good but the sound was just incredible. I really liked that finial fantasy remix type thing and the ending song. Keep up the good work.


it was ok i guess... didn't make much sense. plus there was no speech at all. the animation was well done though.

Nice and Bloody lol

Its a cool movie and it has FF7 music in it! Which is cool!


Nice Animations, but what was the point? It was really good in sound, pretty good in graphics, nice style, loads of violence, I don't really know what they mean by interactiviaty, but i guess it's good, ain't no humor , so an over all of 10. I just wanna know what they heck was the point??? And that puppet, was that freddy, jason, or the sciccor man? or just some character i haven't mentioned? anyway... good job.