Reviews for "The ToyMaker"


Nice Mix! ^u^


Here I sit, one window looking over your animations, the other looking for Puppet Master things.
Awesome, Pale, just awesome

Awesome! ^__^

Wow! Disney's own Gepetto with those scary puppets from those Puppet Master movies! I LOVE IT! ^__^

*sighs* Pity, you would've let those puppets kill that dude from the search warrant. ~_~

Oh well. Kickass flash! Keep up the good work! ^__^


Where are the other puppets?(six-shooter,leech-women,torc h, and tunneler etc.)
but i did see tunneler in the credits but thats it........oh well atleast blade's in it =)

i liked it...

lots of sading and backrounds... the one thing that got me is that at the end... it says re-play... lol im not kidding your suppost to put down re-pale =)