Reviews for "The ToyMaker"


judeging by the characters i guess you've seen the old sci fi movie with the puppets. I though everybody forgot those movies, well still bringing back an old classic, nice.

Pretty Good

Music was good and the graphics were okay. One of the things I didnt like was that it had no real plot, and the beginning was very confusing were the scenes were just flipping back and forth it just barely made a 7 in my book but it was a job well done keep it up.


you have final fantasy music in this that rules...and i love puppet master movies they kick ass...this is cool good job

I love the intro.

Very nice storyline, a good twist. I.. take it the toymaker got set up? Anyway another flash with the toys in it would be very cool. 5 of 5 from me.


very nice for a serious short , keep up the good work