Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

pretty decent

i didn't quite get what happened at the end, other wise good job. and you might want to add in voices, sometimes its' good to keep it jsut music, but you'll find that it would clarify a lot of your story if you put some voices in

Nicely done.

The drawings were sorta weird at some points but I did like watching it. kinda creepy that little puppet was. Good Job.

puppet master and pinocchio hmm

would never have expect them two together, shoulda have the leach spitting doll, nice movie cept the story line wasn't explained well enough, but still very well done


wow, that was good

I really liked that blend of Pinocchio and Puppet Master (or whatever the hell that movie was called)


Cool animation, but i have 1 question where'd u get the preloader