Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

Nice Job.

Great music choices I particularly liked the final fantasy theme music. You could really go somewhere with the killer puppet thing. Waitin on the next.

The original PuppetMasterz were shitty . . .

but your cheap imitation wuz, dare I say, even WORSE. I mean, seriously, you should've warned us that this was nothing more than a plotless, uninspired take on one of the shittiest horror/fantasy sagas ever to hit the big screen (and eventually only the little screen). Moreover, if the lack of voice acting didn't kill this, the terrible choice in music did. Criticz need to look past the time put into this movie and see that there iz nothing here besidez an unintended lampoon of a film seriez that barely deservez such ridicule. If this makes top 5 daily I'm gonna castrate myself, then each and every one of you who voted above a 2.

-Don Cornball
-V.P. of Cap Peelin, Bump Headz, Inc.

just2pale responds:


Pretty cool overall

Putting The Puppet Master, Geppetto, and FF2 music all together. What's not to like?


well, it was not THAT bad of a movie, but the sound didnt really work, it skipped around alot, i iwould find this to be an average submission.


nice job...quite a chilling movie. The music was well chosen, the animation wonderful, great plot...you must have put a lot of work into this. great job!