Reviews for "The ToyMaker"


that was a good mix of jack the ripper and pinnocio (i just butchered that spelling)


Good movie.The animations are correct and the music is really nice.Very cool the black puppet ;).


final fantasy batltle music? lol... Can you just tell me why that fat man is punching the old man?...Maybe you should add a sequence because it"s not clear...I know the puppet defended the old man but the start??..

Else it's a normal movie, but instead of other crap movie in newground we can easily stay until the end! ++

nice try!


This is a cross between Pinnochio and "The PuppetMaster". It's not terribly bad, not that great.

Sound is good, needed some gore noise to really make it cool. Though I would have like it better if you used new puppet designs instead of ones from that movie.

Kinda entertaining, but it really doesn't make things very clear in the beginning as to why the murder happened. I assume it's simply due to the man being cruel to the puppet's creators...

Meh, no biggie.

Death by toys...

Talk about loyalty to the maker. These toys were out to protect the guy and he gets in trouble. While I can't find out why he was attacked in the first place, the death dude (puppet with the knife) was freaky. I liked how he really owned that fat bastard. Heh.