Reviews for "The ToyMaker"


Isn't their supposed to be a female pupper/doll thing? I saw that clown, the one with the knife, and that big one, but where was that one? Maybe it was just a mannequin in one of the movies - perhaps, I am unsure. Anyway, good job. I enjoyed this. Started out pretty slow though.


Very nice and stylish , and the music fits nicely , hopefully there will be a 'The ToyMaker 2' or something , the ending isnt really that satisfying. But it still is awesome , 5 all the way.

Love it.

I loved those movies i remember them so well and they were cool.

That was pretty fucking cool!

I wish I was as talented as you, man. That was amazing. The music was prefect.
Great job and keep up the great work.


wow that was...what was that? oh yeah, crap.