Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

puppet master hell yeah

that was great i loved the puppet master movies but u left out my second favorite character....wheres the cowboy guy with the six arms. at least u had the white face guy.

Nice Job

That flash was pretty tight I never expected the puppet masters to be in this. Plus the FFVII music was in there also, which made it better.


Pupit master mixed with pinocio... thats a twist.


The Music on the intro made me crap in my pants when i heard it... I am an average player of EQOA..Everquest Online Adventures and I know that intro music is from EQOA..Where did you get that music from? I must know because I love it because I play EQ alot... No im not a geek or nerd if you think so.. oh my Aunt and Uncle play it too and they have 3 children and are in thier 30's So Boo Ya! ;)
It was a good flash overall :) Where did you get that music from I must know! The FF7 music worked pretty well in it :)


isnt there a movie about this...not really your idea not a fan of your animation kind of generic but it was ok.