Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

Nice one

Good work, but it could be longer, and there could be some sort of explanation for why the the toy maker was attacked.

But still, it was good.

Great idea

I liked the story a lot. Your one of few ppl here that bother with a story. There were a few problems in execution however. Mostly, the transition between audio. Some of the music pieces were very different and they just kinda played one at a time straight through. When one ended, the next would start (with a little fading out and back in of course)

The other thing is I think you may have gone through everything a little too fast. Well. Not the intro. That intro is perfect. But It got me expecting a pretty big story. I know how long it takes to animate each scene and I don't blame you really for going through the action parts so quickly. But I think there needed to be a little more.

Overall though, gREat work. I gave you an 8/10, 4/5, but it is rare for me to rate anyone that high.

loved it

but... i didnt notice any credit to the maker of the toymaster or whatever that movies called

Very, very GOOD.

Very interesting and dark. The music was just RIGHT, AND THE TIMING for everything was fabulous. The animation could use just a tad more work, but this is definately one not to be missed. NICE JOB, MAN!


that is a nicely done peice of work. keep working