Reviews for "The ToyMaker"

FF7 battle theme seems to add to suspense...

Nicely made. The audio was well placed, as well as the graphics were nicely done. Also... The Toymaker is a striking resemblance to Geppedo, good work giving credit to Disney on that.

I really liked it but...

I think you should of added more SFX to impacts and stuff...

Otherten that, it was really good!!

OK but not great

There are a couple of things you could have done on this movie to make it alot better. One, that the story could have been a little bit longer instead of ending where it did. Two, should have had some of the other puppets from puppet master in it besides Jester, Pin-head, and Blade. But other than that I like it.

ugh..i expected more from you man!

this was pretty mediocre....and im pretty sure that was final fantasy backround music playing there, which added to its lameness. im sorry just2pale, but i expected better from you! but it was okay, and i didnt understand that bloodred...river/path thingy leading into the woods at the begginning at all, wat was that? anyway, i also didnt get and understand most of it, cus it didnt fit together. sorry dude, wish i could give praise and not this...peace


I hate pinochio and I hate the puppet master, but I loved this.
the music was great, the animation was good. The intro really got yuo expecing something great, and you delivered.