Reviews for "Dodgy Concept Art"

About time your stuff got frontpaged, Dodgy!

Watched you on deviantART before I left, bro. Not sure if you remember me, but I loved your stuff. <3

dodgyrommer responds:

Oh hello there. :) I didn't actually know I got frontpage until someone told me, haha. Well I'll be seeing you more around here then!

The colors are so vivid and is well made , May I ask how did you made this piece of art?

dodgyrommer responds:

Thank you. I did a rough sketch in Photoshop, blocked in the colors then shaded over it using one of the default brushes with different opacity and flow settings.

This squirrel does want to eat your nuts, and by nuts I mean your testicles.

dodgyrommer responds:

;) He does like chewing earlobes as well.

this one is going to my favorite art
it kinda reminds me of the looney tunes

Where are all the comments? this obviously needs more comments.
But, that's just me.

ANYWHOOZLE. I can even begin to count how many things I love about this piece. Values, craftsmanship, pose, interpretation, all flawless. It really gives that old timey Tex Avery feel to it. The nose and saliva must have been fun to paint, just look at those colours!
A 5/5 for you. :3

dodgyrommer responds:

Aw thanks! :)