Reviews for "Stagnant Waltz"

Something...Just something...

Something about this makes me feel like someone is right behind me...I found my self looking over my shoulder at bits and pieces of this.
I've never been pushed that far by music before...Only flash animations and movies... 10/10

Dungeecount responds:

It's supposed to be a little surreal, so people can get different feelings while listening, I tend to feel pretty peaceful, until the ending comes up, then I'm just plain mad about that glitch XD but I'm really glad people are liking this one and actually GETTING something from it, a lot of my other songs can be pretty bland... Thank you again for the kind words :)


Makes meh fel like an evil pirate!! >:(

Dungeecount responds:

Evil pirates you say >W> ?

I like it

Has this eerie, insane, depressed feeling. I mainly like the intro, and if you don't mind of course, I would like to use this in a scene of my Madness day movie.

Dungeecount responds:

Why thank you :D Yeah, the ending sort of got fudged up, I could probably fix that now though. But I'm too lazy XD. sure you can use it! Thank you for asking.


Just Epic.

Dungeecount responds:

thank you :)

pretty good but

i found it creepy good for a creepy flash i guess
good job

Dungeecount responds:

Heh. Thanks XD I guess it is kinda creepy