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Reviews for "Stagnant Waltz"


nice job dungeecount.

Dungeecount responds:

Thanks, but the more I listen to this one, the more I dislike it. Must be getting old to me.


i have manny uses for it
as a wierd circus (of death duh) some old house setting maby if its just right when someone is killed or if its a funeral

tell me wat u think

Dungeecount responds:

Sounds like a fitting idea, go right ahead and do what you want with it, just send me the link if and when you do ! :D

Circuses are weeeiiiiirrrdddd

Ok, wow...

You must come back to this one. You can do a lot with this, flash especially.
I closed my eyes and saw two Tim Burton-esque puppets, who don't really like one another, being made to dance together but, they couldn't understand why they were embracing each other until they look up at 0:51 and despairingly realize they are strung to the puppeteers controls.

Dungeecount responds:

Wow you'd sure make an awesome poet :D I wouldn't have thought of that! Thanks for the awesome review :) I should probably come back to it, maybe remix it or something, great idea :D Thanks!


This song is very dark and sad....i love it.

Dungeecount responds:

Thanks :) I should add more to it, now that I know what went wrong. I probably will once I'm done with my current project. Thank you for the review :D it's very much appreciated.


This is the exact kind of music I love. It has a happy tune, played in a strange and creepy manner, so one begins to feel uncomfortable listening to it, but not in a bad way. It reminds me somewhat of a black circus. Death, dismay, laughter, fun. Blood, Gore, children shouting in happiness, horror. Perfect. I however do believe this would be better suited to be a loop.

Dungeecount responds:

Yeah it probably would make a better loop, I'll see if I can fix that up. and I only WISH there were circuses like that around here, even though mom and dad would never take me to one XD