Reviews for "Forever Rememberedd"

This is really cool, a good way to tribute Edd. I like what you did with the sweatshirt, made the image even more powerful....we're all gonna miss Edd a lot...it's still surreal looking back that he's gone..he was a legend, and his work will forever be remembered...R.I.P

Edd will always be in our hearts! Great artwork! I admire that you include every famous character on Newgrounds.

greatest man anyone one has ever known you shall be missed o wee will never forget him in our memory but his greatness shall never made again and we shall miss him but not the smell of his dirty socks and him mat tom and tord (sometimes) make my day cheerful and make my lazy ass come out of bed in the morning and now the great gods can have him and well the demons can f***k them selvs up the ass. p.s he left me every thing in his will :))))))))))))))

R.I.P Edd Gould :(

Beautiful Picture. Goodbye, Edd. You Will Be Missed