Reviews for "-outpost part one-"

Awesome blend of movie and game

I was trying to work out why this game was so easy.. it's because it's a movie that immerses the viewer by making them a part of it. Really well done mate, I eagerly anticipate the next instalment)


It didn't really catch my interest because I finished it too quickly.

Maybe it was because I managed to press all the right buttons and found all the items before I needed them but it just all went too fast.

I liked the dialouge though.



This is one amazing game it is fun as hell to play, I hope this game actually returns with part two and does not just leave us hanging like alot of other 'Part I' submissions here do. This game is fun and has a nice story behind it...make Part II or I will destroy you!

GG < Means good game for lazy bastard :P

Yeah game is good, but I coulnd have done it without using the tab button. So guys if ya get stcuk tab your way out

Now that was a nice game!

Great work, seriously. But what's with all the bad reviews? Just because someone got stuck, they feel a need to try and blam this?!

Anyway, get part 2 out soon!