Reviews for "-outpost part one-"

Great and Fun


Nice start

While starting off well, a little more work would greatly boost the quality of this game.

To begin with, the graphics are really nice. The cut-scenes and such were executed pretty well, and it's definately fun to watch.

The problem is that it's not really long enough, or interactive enough to really count as a game. There's no thinking involved, and the only direction you can go is the direction you need to.

The story part could be improved upon. Instead of saying, "Hey, other pilot!" it'd be a lot easier and less awkward to say, "Hey, Wez!" and it'd make the second part a lot less awkward. Maybe a little backstory in the intro might help too. Why are these people being shot at, where did they land? What's the whole point? What's the connection between the pilots, etc. And the "why would someone leave this here, oh, forget it" kind of parts coud use some help too.

Finally, correcting the spellings and using capitalization would really add professionalism to the flash. While some people don't care, it really turns others off, and in any event it never hurts to follow simple rules of langauge.

It'd probably be best to release the entire thing when finished. It's not really a game when you just go and beat part one, and then open up part two, etc. You've spent all this time on it and have established yourself and your game, I'd strongly recommend going the whole way; correcting the typos, using punctuation, and making it an actual game, per se.

In any event, it's a really good start, and I'd definately like to see more; especially if you make it more than just an interactive movie.

Fun but short

I like adventure-styled games, and I liked this. But it probably would've been more fun with better graphics and if it was just a little longer. Can't wait for the next part!


wow this was pretty freakin good, the story was wierdly interisting (started kinda like halo's) the gfx kicked ass (it was a stick animation ppl) not much else to say man keepup dagood worx

That was pretty cool.

It reminded me of an old Genesis game called flashback. I liked the credit music and alot of the sounds in it. Can't wait for the next part, keep em coming!