Reviews for "-outpost part one-"

It was great

Very smooth graphics. Pity about the length and the lack of sound. Could have been a bit harder. Anyways, good luck on making your other 2 episodes!

this is a pretty neat adventure game

The english in the game is bad in several places, though.

Its original ill give ya that

and some other stuff too.The grahics look decent, modle are good for stick figures which dont always look great.The animation is good too.But you didnt do as well in the sound deparment,there are are no voice overs, and the rest is about average.The story is also a bit iffy,and figureing out the puzzle isnt very hard ether.But enough on that, this is still a cool game cause it trys something new in the controls.So good ljob and I hope Part 2 is good too.3out of 5

Waterflame responds:

the story gets clear in part 2


itscool...im lokin froward for tha next one!!


Nice game. Can't wait for the rest! Keep it up!