Reviews for "-outpost part one-"

Nice game

I enjoyed playing this. I liked the fact that it wasn't too hard, yet not overly easy. Finding the food for the monmster was easy other than people made it sound. Good work.


Your story telling skills are amazing, it was very interesting! My attention was kept the entire game, and the animation was very good!

Loved it!

This one made my day a whole lot less boring :)

But seriously, one of the cooler things I played here. Now try to use a spell checker and a little more interactivity would make this top notch :).

nice work

Nice action game. Cant wait for the next trilogies. LOL chicken stick and when purple dude started talkin in the cell made this game kinda funny.


Great game, but where you get the name of the second pilot?Its is my nickmane hehehheh :).

Waterflame responds:

its actualy from the old and hella cool game for ps one: wild 9.