Reviews for "-outpost part one-"

Answer for 3rd screen thing

you get past this point when you click on the bush (middle) you get a chicken. feed that to the monster

I can't get past the 3rd screen on the right!

How do you use items? And why on earth did that arrow pointing to the far left disappear? I know this seems like the useless review but I can't review what I can't play. I'm just not going to rate it highly until I can figure it out.

Not bad

I found it a bit easy yet I look forward to seeing what happens next so I think that means something good (sorry that sounded better in my head).


im not going to give this a zero because i couldn't get past something, im just going to wish that you would tell us what we're looking for,

That was pretty good...

That was nice....is the second one out yet? if not you need to get it out soon... I liked it.

Waterflame responds:

thanks! yeah, it is :) altho outpost 3 was never finished, i explained why in the blog..