Reviews for "-outpost part one-"

Refreshing, but not fully satisfying.

This game is a pretty fun time waster. The only problem- where are the real puzzles? What you made of the "character" (just kidding- I like him) was very well animated, but there could've been some more to add.
I can tell this'll be good in the second episode, just make some slightly difficult puzzles next time.
Oh- and PLEASE check your spelling. I know you said the people were meant to talk that way, but how many times you confused you're with your, were with we're, etc.

Not bad!

Well your a person whose ship broke down. You venture to find survival and tools to repair your ship. Overall it wasn't bad. I rated this a 3. eh.. ok it was kinda bad. Make a new one soon OR ELSE! lol jk.


That was quite a fun game. Can't wait for part 2(well I can).


Well it was ok but the stick people thing i dont really like.
In other words it sucked dont waist ur time making another one of these

Woo hoo!

Oh look a cave.
That was some funny stuff, get number 2 out by thursday or your goat will meet a, how shall I put this, gruesome and needlessly bloody death. I assume you have a goat, if not you must have a nokia N-gage and you have suffered enough.

Waterflame responds:

my goat ate my nokia N-gage and died.