Reviews for "-outpost part one-"


nice, could be longer, good ideas (especially at the end ;) )

very cool

i wish it was longer:(


The game was good in genereal, kinda short and easy, in the next part you should add more puzzle stuff like people say, and keep the humour and action... gj ... there is just one thing i don't get, there were two ships that crash, ( you and wex right ?) somehow, u find a dead pilot and a pissed off pilot....anyway nice game


This game kept me yearning to know more. Just the way you put everything together, it was so well done. The dialogue too. Kinda left me bummed when it ended so fast.


I remember watching this trailer! wow! I had completely forgotten about this flash! The trailer made it look like a game that was just going to get passed over, but the final production is really fun. However, stick is... Well, I really don't have to tell you. But other than that, great game!