Reviews for "SC. #17 - Sounds like fun."

Awesomeness! A cute chick with a ranbow hair! Keep it up!

Moosh responds:

Rainbows are cool <3

Love your artwork, you have talent


Another awesome piece bro. The feelings one gets from looking at this girl is like an LSD trip, it's so surreal but beautiful nonetheless.
1 star for the beauty
1 star for the strong eyes
1 star cuz you're my bro
1 star for the song reference
1 star because I just love rainbows

- Joel

Moosh Awsome...AND I MEAN AWSOME!! Drawings btw im making a new account userame is gonna be cross and maybe some numbas so remeber thats ol pokes!

Beautiful; loved the rainbow hair, but it was the eyes that struck me.