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Reviews for "Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft"

ahhh memories

really good job its almost as if buffed graphics of the game shot out of my old game. fun fact the reason why her boobs wheres o big is because the designers were messing around and they put a +100% and they said what the hell keep it. you have an amazing talent my freind great work!

u could earn a pretty money drowing!

some tallents are hidden in the internet (you), some not so know sites hold some of the best pics (well, in brazil NO ONE know newgrounds).

u umilhate me with your drawings... ppl say my ones have creativity... the crapy ones i made on my note book....

Meh, the ONE thing i canot understand.

That little hater of yours, if he thinks like that, why doesn't he go to the art portal and rate all adult art 0 because of that? Idiot.

anyway, this is REALLY cool. you even made the guns! but her eyes... boy, those eyes look inside your soul! 10/10, love your art.

i so much wish i could do art that well. oh well, i guess the only fans of my art i will have will be my mother and my grandma. :P

Very good

Im incredibly bad at drawing. And writing. I generally stay clear of pens and pencils altogether but pics like these never cease to amaze, who people can make something so alluring using computer programs and the like. Very nice indeed

oh and you even have your own little hater

i think your well on your way to being the NG queen


That shirt is busted!!! i always loved these games... now i have an awesome desktop background... fuck the dunes...

Sabtastic responds:

lol Awesome. Glad you like it.