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Reviews for "Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft"

this is

1 of 4 awsome pics u have done. and i didnt even see everything of lura. verry good. 11/10 stars

If you call ripping her top doing her justice...

...then hell yeah I agree! XD

But seriously, great job. Well drawn and great shading and best of all: her smile, that typical evil Lara Croft smile, you did that absolutely perfect!
One minor thingy though: her waist, I think it's too small.

My god

That is like the best drawing i have every seen.... not only cause its a nice figure :).... but the expression is awesome and the shading is amazing... you are very good at your art.

oh my god

this picture just blew my fucking mind,if only angelina jolie was really that hot


You really did a good job with the character and actress comparison. Laura croft is also one of my favorite video game characters. Excellent work on the colors, line work, shading, and texture. The only thing I dislike is how much of the shorts and shirt you omitted. I understand that "sex appeal sells" but with your talents you could make her look sexy even if Laura/Angelina wore a sweater and sweat pants. That is just my opinion anyway, I am not telling you what to do, I am just giving constructive criticism.
Keep up the awesome work, Love Vana.

Sabtastic responds:

I totally agree!
.. I should try and make that a personal challenge or something. Draw a female character with as much clothes as possible, still trying to portray that same effect as a character with less clothes.. xD

This particular image was a freebie gift art to my ex-boyfriend back in 2007 or something, though.. I remember one of the things he told me to cut back on were the clothes.. :\ lol (go figure)

A lot of the gift art that I drew for him happened to look like that, actually. So you can almost instantly tell which art I've drawn "for" a guy. :P

Thanks for the great critique!!