Reviews for "A Couple of Shorts Finale"


i love this flash. I love the randomness too much maybe. Heh....the guy in the garbage can, the guy drops the grenade beside hios own partner....people falling from hellicopters, this flash was awsome. keep it up.


Haha very cool! Really smooth animation and some funny parts in it as well, I liked it a lot!




Me and my bro were rolling to this one! Awesome!

That was so tight

It was bloody and funny at the same time. My only complaint is that it was too short. I wanted to see more but it ended too soon. Make more and please make them longer.

Ahh the joys of stick figure motion tween...

Add a consecutive storyline and you've got yourself an instant classic! Howabout Jackie Chan Vs. Bruce Lee: The ultimate showdown! or... a hostage situation where a bad guy's strapped a bomb to himself... OR BOTH! Jackie and Bruce could get together so rescue the hostages before resuming thier fight!... mMm... A man can dream, though. A man can dream...