Reviews for "A Couple of Shorts Finale"

Ahh, random...

My favorite, and a course of bloody killing for dessert, lol, that was a hilarious cartoon though, well done.

Funny Bunny

This flash was really funny! I loved the trash can part hilarious. You should make more it was sooooooooooooooooooo funny. The quality and everything was good except stick figure animation is used very often by many animators so the style is a 4. Good luck on any other animations that will be coming.


The classic stick animation with some awsome bloody random violence and impressive sound affects. Weapon variety and scene changes were excelent. Also the random scenes were full of humor and the trash scene was awsome, great blood and gore and animations were smooth and full of stick carnige action.

Nice job!!

Good movie indeed, makes a very good CS movie too!! =)


What can I say... ACE!! :D