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Reviews for "Cool Things 396"


shudda listend in class m8 kus tht was a waste o time

Coffee-lock responds:

Your mum is a waste of time!
Yeah, I know, what wasen't funny :(


Excellent random flash, great music. Roger Ebert says: "a triumph!"

Pretty great

Well considering that a flash you made out of boredom at school it better than most of the flashes i make, lol. Good job though, like the music.

not bad

I can only say, it looks like you had fun with it. I don't see it getting a great score, but I do hope it passes. At least then you can say something good came out of goofing off the next time your parents rag on you for not paying attention!

quite funny

quite funny, for a random piece of flash that has nothing to do with anything