Reviews for "The 2 Headed Dragon-Sk8"

That shit was l337 awsome skating.

u guys r pretty good and yah you should get sponsors if not already sponsored. And nice trax 2 Deltron is tha shiznizzles but you didnt give deltron any props for having his track being used so thats pretty fucked up.

I love it.

I wish you could do more animation over the file though... that was sweet. I'm a big skate fan, though I can't skate worth a bean myself. Good job, and I hope to see more of these from you. Are you sponsored? Cause if so... you deserve it.

not bad

Wow that skateboarding video was pretty good how many years have u been skating cuz that triple kickflip is what im getting to.And are u sponsored?

Digital-Spawn responds:

We've been skating for about 4 years but most of that footage is about a year old. No sponsors. Good luck on learning triple flip. I've only seen 2 pro's do that. Rodney Mullen and Marc Johnson.

not too bad

I love the merging with real animation great job there, maybe a change of music, some bails, maybe juss one or two and try some crazier stunts than kick flips off stairs, try some 360 flips, hard flips something to dazzle people, more grinding, but pretty good I liked it

Hmmm...not really that good.

I did like how it went between the lines of reality and animation..but most of it was just like you were showing us a skateboarding video. I was hoping for more animation, and I really didn't feel the music for this one. Nothing New.