Reviews for "The 2 Headed Dragon-Sk8"

Thats not animation

Dude your supposed to animate and shit not just post stuff that you video taped, that takes no work at all. The little bits you animated looked sweet, you should have just made the whole movie like that.

Digital-Spawn responds:

Video taping that footage and editing it takes more time an effort than making the animations overall actually. I don't think you can fully understand this unless you skateboard, but for example, that triple flip 3 stairs that Jon did was extremely difficult. It took a lot of tries and he took a lot of slams before sticking it.

This is shit

If you wouldve done the whole movie traced like you had it in the intros it wouldve been good. But since its just you and your dumbass friends i give this a thumbs down.


lol AquaTeenBudSmokah they are good but not good enough to get big sponsors. mabey a shop.

nice video though!
you guyz r prety good.


damn u guys are fucking good skaters but i just dont get the whole dragon thing.

Digital-Spawn responds:

Thanx. Well you might have to watch my full video to understand the title. But basically theres 2 main skate parts- me and Jon. And the dragons sort of symbolize skaters "flying" over stairs.

Nice Skating

Seriously, You should send something like this if you ever want to get sponsored. Very nice. Keep up the good work.