Reviews for "The 2 Headed Dragon-Sk8"

WOw that was cool

Hey man that's some nice work , hey that makes me wana play some
Tony Hawk . Keep up the good work .

teh l337...lolz XD

man you guys got really good and smooth..every trick was smooth...represetin the rock : D

that was cool

and your switch backside heelflip down the elementary grass gap was nice,it was well done. And i likedy our animation. Wass smoooooooth cuzzzzzzz....


Hey nephi that was really good keep up the good work.

p.s you know i make you hot -wink wink-

Digital-Spawn responds:

Thanx. Actually, you make me scorching hot.

TEH Sk8 movie

This is by far the best skate movie I've ever seen.. And look at my Blam/Save points: over 1500.

Digital-Spawn responds:

Haha, coming from an Elite Guard Private, that's a great compliment.