Reviews for "The 2 Headed Dragon-Sk8"

HOly SHit

did he fucking TreFLip a 3?? o, thats a real video... my friends about pissed their pants man! i said, theres a dude who 3flipped a 3 set. they watched this... dude its awesome.u guys rock.

Digital-Spawn responds:

Yup, triple flip 3 stairs. -rare footage-

woah crap

thats mililani middle. lol. i sk8 there all the time. that was cool.

Digital-Spawn responds:

Wow, that's rare to come across someone on newgrounds that skates the same spot as you.

so this is the skate video I've been hearing about

good stuff dude. I have to agree though, next time around slap in some more animaion, have em' nosegrind Horny Toad's wang or somethin, lol.

Oh, by the way, had to change my AIM name, check my NG profile and hit me up.


Digital-Spawn responds:

lol. nosegrinding Horny Toad's wang is dangerous in many ways. I wouldn't mess with him or else you might end up like Jenny.

Not an animation

No, sorry, I wouldn't say that this is an animation, more like a movie that's traced over on some parts, and just movie other parts.
You are good skaters, but this isn't really something I would think is supposed to be on NG, would fit more on some skate site.

to the dumbass that doesn't think before posting

this for the dumbass that said something like "try doing some cool stuff" hahahaha. dude, i want to see your triple flip nukka! in fact, i'd be surprised if you can even find a pro clip of one. LOL. but alright, i'll get nephi some "good stuff" to "feed the need". ;). and he'll probably do an animation of it too. and i got a condom on! good job man, more animations for these animation hungry people. or you can just run away from them. hehe

Digital-Spawn responds:

LOL, you had a condom on while you reviewed this?! You silly mongoose.