Reviews for "Nightmares in Wonderland"

Excelent job with the characters redesign, it's quite impresive. Also the whole scene is perfectly created. Alice is one of my favorite characters and I love almos t everything about her, and this is one of my favorites, reminds me a little bit the American McGee's Alice game, but with your style. Great Job!

love the colors and design

A normal day in rapture!

i love how detailed you got with themalso the backgound is awesome!!

Very nice, I like the rusty city feel to it and that snake meandering out of the left-bunny's mouth and dose the snake also tie a knot?
Are those numbers etched into Alice's right arm, could they be numbers speaking of the day the world ends?
Body language check, clean lines slash style that makes the not-so "clean lines" acceptable ,no but still a Fav