Reviews for "part 2: synj vs horrid"

the fact that u made this in flash is inspiring. this is nuts. this is bananas. this is carrots. this is (insert fruit or vegetable here) NICEUUUUGH 8D

The Best animation dan has made EVER!!!!!!

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I saw all the episodes of Synj so far and this climax was the best that I've seen so far. Excellent animation and story.

So, are there any future episodes that I should look forward to?

DanPaladin responds:

No, this one is a thousand years old. I think that's all!

The fact that this is 2004...it just blows my mind!

This is better than not only a truckload of stuff that's submitted to the postal nowadays, but considerably better than a lot of mainstream animated content today!

Very nice!


Stuff like this is why I've loved NG all this time. A powerful rivalry, simply for the sake of being.

Well, that and friggin' hilarious combat scenes.