Reviews for "part 2: synj vs horrid"


Wow! Great Movie! Excellent graphics, animation, and sound, and was really packed with action!


I loved the animation and the sound. Keep up the good work.

Nice job.

I liked it, It would be good to see some more work similar to this. :)
good job.

graphical masterpiece

something we've all come to expect from Dan, music wasn't a let down either (thank god) shame this has to be one of a kind, cos i fucking wise all flash would be like this.
Instructions for this flash: Use when in need of a big grin!

You are my hero.

I really, honestly long for the day when all animation is as incredibly well-done and beautifully stylish as yours (including mine :P).

Your animations always put a smile on my face, and that gave me a big fuck-off grin. I really do greatly admire you, and would just like to thank you for making such great work for us to enjoy.