Reviews for "part 2: synj vs horrid"


You should talk to a tv company about making series of these, seriously, they are soo awesome!


Years later when you come back to this its still so much fun to watch. You have so much imagination, it makes your flash animations a joy to watch. you're animation is always superb and I love your style.

I loved it years ago and I still do today. I always look forward to something you submit.

not as good as the first one

still wooot pretty good short horrid sucks nice grahics synj kiks ass golem thingy...........golems....hehehe


Everything about the animation is great. The Music. The Characters. It's all so magical and has that great sense of feeling that this author is really talented. Kudos to Dan Paladin for creating a work of genius.


it was awsome there should defnetly be a second!=)