Reviews for "Zalad Fingerz 3"

Pretty cool

Dat was pretty cool, but dude! You gotta inprove your graphics man! I liked the humor and it was a well written movie


Very...odd...keep it up..i guess :/

Can you make your own freaking graphics goddamnit? Dave can press charges for ...Hell i donno stealing if SF is copyrighted. Prolly is.

Keep it up!

KEEP IT UP, much like salad fingers does with the rust 0.o

...yet another fudged up parody...

this movie IS bad, i love the bloodshed, that was the only thing good about it, but what the HELL?! i couldnt stand to watch it, yes im vampyric, i love blood, blood is my life, i drink blood, but my own only (and on occasions my bfs) uh... anyways, this one was alittle bit better, wow you're sucky level just went down by 1 point congrats give yourself a biiiiggg hug now *clap clap clap*


Ooookkkaay... im not sayin that this is a bad movie, even tho it kind of is, but whats with the rating? You shouldn't rate a game suitable for all ages with no content rating if its gonna be like that. Whats with the swearing and the killing and the bloodshed?!?!?! Be more responsible with yur future releases.